Reward Based Donations: Rural Solar Power Station

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Reward Based Donations: Rural Solar Power Station

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:23 pm

To be clear, participants are not purchasing goods or services.

  This donation based funding system works in a similar manner as other "Crowd Funding" platforms, with the exception of paying the fees associated with using those 3rd party platforms. 

  What participants are donating towards is a "Solar Power Project" for a rural startup community.

  This is not being run from an official non-profit group, so the donations are not tax deductible and donors will not receive a receipt of their donation.

  After donating, participants are rewarded with the number of "Quality Tokens" determined by the size of their donation. 

  There is a post in this forum titled "About Static Carnival" that will go over the use of these tokens in more detail, but essentially it goes as follows:

  Donations of under $100, but over $19.00, get one "Quickie" token to use.

  For every $100 dollar teir, donors are rewarded a "Quality Token".

  Donors then use their tokens at the "Static Carnival" chat room,  during operating hours.

  The list of rewards is then determined by dice roll, and the donor uses their "Quality Tokens" on the available choices to increase the quality of their selection.

  There is more detailed information about the "Static Carnival" and "Quality Tokens" in the topic labeled "About Static Carnival".

  For compete information on how to donate, see the topic labeled:  "How To Donate And Get Rewards"

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