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About Static Carnival

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:03 pm

Just to be clear....

  You are not purchasing goods or services, and "Quality Tokens" are not for sale, or resale. 

  When you donate towards the "Solar Power Project" you are rewarded with "Quality Tokens".

  These tokens are used in the dice game at the "Static Carnival".


How To Get Tokens:

Tokens are rewarded by donating to the "Solar Power Project", see the post labeled:

 How To Donate And Get Rewards.

  Donations of under $100 get one "Quickie" token to use.

  For every $100 dollar teir, donors are rewarded a "Quality Token".

  Donors then use their tokens at the "Static Carnival" chat room  during operating hours when the host is present.

  The list of rewards is then determined by dice roll, and the donor uses their "Quality Tokens" on the available choices to increase the quality of their selection:


 How The Dice Game Works:

  Participants get a maximum of 3 dice rolls.

  All tokens associated with the e-mail address of the participant must be used during their turn and on the roll of their choice.

  Participants must use 5 dice, with sides equaling the number of options provided in the "Dice Roll Legand" below.

  Participants may then use their "Quality Tokens" on the available reward choices.

  Only selections that participants use their tokens on will be rewarded.

  Participants may stack their "Quality Tokens" onto the available selections to increase the time spent on their selections to increase its quality.


Use The Link Below To Visit The "Static Carnival".



Dice Roll Legand:

1: Audio Track Engineering
2: Video For A Music Track
3: Webmastering
4: Digital Promotion
5: Songwriting
6: Touring Leads
7: Graphics Design
8: Publicist
9: Merchandise Design
10: Media Distribution

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